The fast-evolving and dynamic nature of the composites manufacturing industry has compelled key players to keep track of the forces shaping the composites market. The prospects of composite development will continue to remain promising, with OEMs representing robust confidence in composite technology. The automotive industry is a key application area of composites, with the proliferating use of composites in high-performance and racing vehicle components, including roofs, wheels, and hoods.

Carbon fiber nanotubes, once a key component of lab benches, is now inclining toward the composite production environment, offering electrical conductivity properties and additional vigor in high-performance applications. Nanomaterials, in light of their novel chemical and physical characteristics, hold great potential in combating environmental pollution. The growing penetration of nanotechnology in the agriculture sector has arrested the indiscriminate utilization of agrochemicals and curtailed the spread of chemical pollutants. Composite materials and modern nanomaterials will continue to gain ground as the enablers of economic and technological progress of countries.

Fact.MR’s key research focus includes a study of the top market indicators and current state of developments, emerging trends, prospects, modern structure, innovation trends, advancements, and manufacturing technologies pertaining to composites and nanomaterials. Some of the main challenges hindering sector growth – such as information asymmetry and database heterogeneity – that lead to complexities in harnessing relevant business information for manufacturers and consumers alike, are part of the research.

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