EVOH Film for Packaging Market

EVOH Film for Packaging Market Study by Blown and Cast Films for Pouches, Trays, Bags & Sacks, Lids, Wrapping Films, Lids, and Liquid Packaging Solutions from 2024 to 2034

Analysis of EVOH Film for Packaging Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

EVOH Film for Packaging Market Outlook (2024 to 2034)

Increasing focus of food manufacturers on keeping their products nutrition-rich and increasing their shelf life is all set to increase the demand for EVOH films for packaging. The global EVOH film for packaging market is calculated at US$ 5.52 billion in 2024 and has been forecasted to rise at a CAGR of 5.1% to reach US$ 9.03 billion by the end of 2034.

A wide variety of food products are easily available around the world, ranging from packaged dry food to packaged frozen food, which require a diverse range of packaging solutions. In addition, various types of food products are exposed to external weather. This is expected to result in the damage of the food, therefore generating more waste. Thus, food packaging solutions are expected to play a vital role in the safety of food products.

Most food manufacturers depend on EVOH films for packaging as they work as an effective oxygen barrier for packaged food products. EVOH films for packaging are environment friendly and assist in minimizing requirements for preservatives. Thus, more consumers and food manufacturers are showing a keen interest in investing in food grade biofilms as packaging solutions.

  • Sales of EVOH film for packaging in South Korea are forecasted to climb at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2024 to 2034.
  • North America is anticipated to account for 17.5% of the global EVOH film for packaging market share by the end of 2034.
  • Wrapping films are forecasted to account for 19.5% share of global market revenue by the end of the assessment period in 2034.

EVOH films for packaging offer a reliable barrier against multiple types of gases. This is projected to lead to increased dependency of more food product manufacturers, such as chips, pickles, etc. on EVOH films. Moreover, these packaging solutions help extend the shelf life of food products, which is estimated to create lucrative opportunities for suppliers of EVOH films for packaging.

Increasing consumer awareness is projected to stimulate food manufacturers to use comparatively fewer preservatives to retain the taste of the food products. EVOH films for packaging protect products for long, therefore annihilating requirements for preservatives.

Report Attributes Details
EVOH Film for Packaging Market Size (2024E) US$ 5.52 Billion
Forecasted Market Value (2034F) US$ 9.03 Billion
Global Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.1% CAGR
Japan Market Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.2% CAGR
Market Share of Blown Films (2034F) 57.4%
East Asia Market Share (2034F) 24.6%
Key Companies Profiled
  • FLAIR Flexible Packaging Corporation
  • Mondi Group
  • Sasol
  • Smurfit Kappa Group Plc
  • Kaneka Corporation
  • Berry Global Inc.
  • Kuraray Co. Ltd
  • Amcor Ltd
  • Nippon Gohsei
  • Coveris Holdings S.A.
  • Winpak Ltd.
  • Korozo Packaging
  • Schur Flexibles Holding GesmbH

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How is the Market Evolving for EVOH Films for Packaging?

“Growing Requirements for Organic Products Minimizing Use of Synthetic Elements”

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for organic products, which do not contain any sort of synthetic elements, therefore an increase in the demand for EVOH films for packaging is encountered. In addition, EVOH is resistant to organic solvents and oil, which makes it popular among food manufacturers for storing edibles for longer duration.

More consumers are preferring to purchase products through online sales channels, which is widening the application scope of EVOH films. A growing concentration on developing e-Commerce websites by various companies is generating lucrative opportunities for suppliers of high performance packaging films.

What is Adversely Impacting Use of EVOH Films for Packaging?

“Moisture Sensitivity and Availability of Alternative Options Hindering EVOH Film for Packaging Market Growth”

One of the key factors limiting demand for EVOH films is its moisture sensitivity, which is anticipated to increase its oxygen permeability if exposed to humidity. Moreover, some alternative choices, including PE lamination, Met-PET films, etc., are also adversely impacting market dynamics.

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How are New Companies Estimated to Strategize in This Market?

“Growing Consumption of Packaged Food Products Generating Huge Demand for Packaging Solutions”

At present, more individuals, around the world, are inclined to consume ready-to-eat or functional food products because of their hectic lifestyle which does not permit them to spend more time preparing and cooking food. Therefore, a preference for packaged food products is given, which leads to the requirements for multiple types of packaging options, such as pouches, bags, etc., subsequently increasing requirements for EVOH films for packaging. Growing investment by startups in offering more efficient and reliable packaging solutions leads to strengthening their position in the market.

Country-wise Insights

East Asia is projected to account for 24.6% of the global market revenue share by 2034-end, as opined in a recently published study by Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider. Increasing consumer awareness about the pivotal role of packaging solutions in ensuring food safety is increasing manifold demand for EVOH films in the region.

Why are Suppliers of EVOH Films for Packaging Solutions Flocking the United States?

“Emphasis on Bulk Production of EVOH Films Due to Presence of Key End-use Industries”

Attribute United States
Market Value (2024E) US$ 855 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 3.1% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 1.16 Billion

The United States is evaluated to contribute 73.5% share of the North American market by the end of 2034. Numerous manufacturers of EVOH films for packaging are eyeing the United States and planning to set up their production facilities there. In addition, an increased emphasis on the bulk development of EVOH films also contributes to the revenue streams. The presence of some key end-use industries, such as personal care, food, electronics, cosmetics, healthcare, etc. is estimated to contribute to the expansion of the EVOH film for packaging market size in the country.

What Makes China a Lucrative Market for EVOH Film Manufacturers?

“Increasing Requirements for EVOH Films with Expanding Cosmetic and Healthcare Industries”

Attribute China
Market Value (2024E) US$ 700.5 Million
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 6.2% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 1.27 Billion

China is projected to contribute 57.3% of the East Asian market share by 2034-end. The country is one of the prominent regional markets, contributing to increased demand for EVOH films for packaging. It is the hub of numerous cosmetic and healthcare companies, which generate requirements for packaging solutions for product transportation to their respective international or regional destinations for sale. Thus, an increased demand for EVOH films for packaging is expected in the coming decade.

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Category-wise Insights

Fact.MR, in its newly updated report asserts that blown films are projected to hold a prominent share of the global market because of their increased consumption in wrapping products due to high protection features.

Which Type of EVOH Film for Packaging Accounts for Higher Sales?

“Efficient Protection and Customization Features of Blown Films”

Attribute Blown Films
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 3.15 Billion
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.1% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 5.19 Billion

Blown films are expected to enjoy 57.4% share of the global market by the end of 2034. These films are utilized to wrap things up, including medication, food, and other necessities. Compared to paper-based materials, EVOH films for packaging offer high protection against pollutants, dust, and moisture. They can be customized to match the specific requirements of end users.

Where is Application of EVOH Films High?

“Rising Use of Polyurethane in Electronics & Appliances for its Electrical, Thermal, and Physical Properties”

Attribute Wrapping Films
Segment Value (2024E) US$ 1.04 Billion
Growth Rate (2024 to 2034) 5.4% CAGR
Projected Value (2034F) US$ 1.76 Billion

Based on application, wrapping films are approximated to hold a share of 19.5% of the global market by 2034-end. EVOH films are used widely in wrapping small as well as large boxes securely. These ensure the security of packaged boxes in shipping pallets. Further, the improved durability of these sheets drives demand for wrapping films, thus positively influencing EVOH film for packaging market trends.

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturers of EVOH films are exploring innovative and new designs while concentrating on improved consumer experience. They are investing in the management of their supply chain systems, mergers, collaboration, acquisition, offering quality products, etc. to gain a competitive edge. Prominent companies are using consumer inclination toward sustainable packaging solutions as a way for new product development.

For instance :

  • Smurfit Kappa is an Ireland-based company. In March 2021, the company launched EVOH films as one of the key parts of its Bag-in-Box solutions. The company marketed it as E Compact 60, which requires comparatively less plastic than its counterparts. Moreover, this packaging is claimed to enhance customer convenience and is advertised as more resistant to gases and a sustainable solution.

Key players in the polyurethane market include FLAIR Flexible Packaging Corporation, Mondi Group, Sasol, Smurfit Kappa Group Plc., Kaneka Corporation, Berry Global Inc., Kuraray Co. Ltd., Amcor Ltd., Nippon Gohsei, Coveris Holdings S.A., Winpak Ltd., Korozo Packaging, and Schur Flexibles Holding GesmbH.

Segmentation of EVOH Film for Packaging Market Research

  • By Product Type :

    • Blown Films
    • Cast Films
  • By Application :

    • Pouches
    • Trays
    • Bags & Sacks
    • Lids
    • Wrapping Films
    • Lids
    • Liquid Packaging Solutions
  • By End-use Industry :

    • Food
    • Healthcare
    • Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa
    • South Asia & Oceania

- FAQs -

How big is the size of the EVOH film for packaging market in 2024?

The global EVOH film for packaging market is estimated at US$ 5.52 billion in 2024.

What is the demand outlook for EVOH films for packaging by 2034?

Sales of EVOH films for packaging are projected to reach US$ 9.03 billion by the end of 2034.

What is the demand growth rate for EVOH films for packaging from 2024 to 2034?

The global market is projected to advance at 5.1% CAGR from 2024 to 2034.

What is the contribution of North America to global market revenue?

North America is expected to account for 24.6% share of global market revenue by 2034.

At what CAGR is the demand for EVOH films for packaging evaluated to increase in Japan?

Demand for EVOH films for packaging in Japan is forecasted to increase at a CAGR of 5.2% through 2034.

How much share of the global market are blown films expected to hold?

Blown films are approximated to account for 57.4% share of global market revenue by 2034-end.

What is the difference between EVOH and PP?

PP plastic is utilized as a structural base for packaging with high thermal and mechanical resistance. EVOH lamination primarily offers high impermeability for steam and gas transfer.

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EVOH Film for Packaging Market

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