Drone Maintenance Market

Drone Maintenance Market Analysis, By Drone Type (Multi-Rotor, Fixed Wing), By Service (Hardware, Software), and Region - Global Market Insights 2023 to 2033

Analysis of Drone Maintenance Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Drone Maintenance Market Outlook (2023-2033)

The global drone maintenance market is expected to secure a valuation of US$ 72.7 million in 2023. During the forecast period of 2023-2033, demand for drone maintenance services is expected to increase at a CAGR of 27.5% and reach a market size of US$ 825.0 million by the end of 2033.

Drone utility is witnessed in every industry vertical which has lured the global production of drones. It is projected that after every 10 flights or 2 weeks drones required maintenance services. Owing to this factor, it is expected that global production of the drone will subsequently escalate the drone maintenance service worldwide.

Report Attributes


Market Size (2022A)

US$ 57.0 Million

Estimated Market Value (2023E)

US$ 72.7 Million

Forecasted Market Value (2033F)

US$ 825.0 Million

Global Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

~27.5% CAGR

North America Market Share (2022)


East Asia Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

~28.7% CAGR

United States Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

~27.5% CAGR

Key Companies Profiled

  • AerialMediaPros
  • Aerialpixels
  • Camzilla
  • Candrone
  • D1 Store
  • DDS dronerepair
  • DJI
  • Donecle
  • Drone Nerds
  • Drone Works Ireland
  • Drone Worx
  • Dronefly
  • DroneXperts
  • DSLRPros
  • Expert Drones
  • Fix 'n Fly
  • Fortress UAV
  • Good Zone Shop and Service
  • Heliguy

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Increasing production of drone worldwide

The demand for drone maintenance services is directly dependent on the number of drones produced worldwide. As per Federal Aviation Administration, commercial drones registered in the United States totalled about 526,100 in December 2021. Drones are used in various industries, they have rugged utility in sectors like construction, agriculture, real estate, and others. Owing to this factor they are needed to undergo routine maintenance & inspection, to avoid the chances of accidents, saves repair cost, and reduce the risk of liability for the user.

The drones are required battery change every 10-20 battery cycles, propeller change every 200 flights, brush motors, and others. To make long use of drones and to avoid quick breakdown of the technology, the demand for drone maintenance is rising worldwide. The service providers offer all the maintenance services to the customer regarding drones and help in strengthening the longer life cycle of the drone.

  • Short Term (2023 Q1-2026): In the short-term, the drone maintenance market is expected to gain popularity with the introduction of various new enterprises in the industry. Increasing drone production & registration worldwide will substantially leverage the drone maintenance service market in the short-term period.
  • Medium Term (2026-2029): Growing awareness among people regarding drone maintenance services is expected to be the leading factor attributing to the market growth. Also, routine maintenance of drones will impact the enhancement of end-users operating profit. This will escalate the drone maintenance market growth in the mid-term.
  • Long Term (2029-2033): Growing adoption of drones in various industry verticals will be a leading factor towards the drone maintenance service market growth in the long term period.

East Asia and Europe is projected to rise with highest CAGR of 28.7% and 27.9% during the forecast period.

Drone Maintenanc market forecast by Fact.MR

Image represents market bifurcation according to region and service. Hardware holds leading share of 78.0% in the global drone maintenance market.

What are the factors driving the demand for drone maintenance market?

Growth in operation profit in business with drone maintenance”

Drone maintenance is essential to every business to reduce quick downtime and enhance drone operation in the longer run. With routine maintenance, the consumer can assure drone utility for the most time possible without errors and substantially increase the uptime of the drone along with avoiding higher costs that might be incurred if the drone gets damaged.

With the help of routine drone maintenance service, an individual or business can avoid the excessive cost that might occur on extreme downtime or damage to the drone. Customers can secure healthy drone operation with routine maintenance rather than spending large amounts when it faces extreme breakdown.

Moreover, a well-maintained drone offers services regarding inspection, mapping, and others to the business on time and at a lesser cost, owing to this factor, the businesses will get benefited from increased time & cost efficiency. This results in increased operating cost for the business and therefore, escalate the drone maintenance service market substantially.

Growing drone popularity in various industry verticals

Drones are gaining popularity in various industry verticals like oil & gas, food & beverage, agriculture, construction, and others. With the incremental utility of drones in these industries, the demand for drone maintenance services is expected to witness a significant rise in the forecast period. Since these industries benefited from the utility of drones, excessive use of drones is been witnessed worldwide. Owing to this factor, routine maintenance of drones is requested from various industry verticals, which is, therefore, driving the drone maintenance services.

Timely changes of batteries, an inspection of wings, and repair of brush motors and propellers of drones enhance their efficiency and the company’s operational profit. Therefore, the growing popularity of drones in different industry verticals is escalating the demand for drone maintenance services worldwide.

Factors restraining the drone maintenance service market

“High cost of drone repair

The high cost incurred on drone repair is a major factor restraining the market growth. It is witnessed that about US$ 200 to 600 is been spent by the customer whenever a drone goes under repair & maintenance services. Depending on the type and brand of the drones, this cost is expected to be much higher. The commercial sector is among the major user of drones and is observed to use costly and branded drones, which significantly procure higher costs while repairing and maintaining them.

Owing to this factor, precautionary measures by the customer regarding drone storage, cleaning, routine battery change, and securing parts of the drone have enhanced substantially. This initiative by customers and an increase in awareness regarding drone care among them will substantially lower the demand for drone maintenance services.

Country-wise Insights

Why Does the U.S. Command a Large Share of the Global Market?

The United States accounts for a leading share of 39.0% of the global drone maintenance market.

Worldwide, drone utility is largely witnessed in the United States. With the huge use of drones in the commercial sector, the entertainment & recreation sector has also observed immense registration of drones in the economy. The significant usage of drones has escalated the drone repair & maintenance service in the region.

Drone maintenance service providers are benefited from the entertainment & recreational sector with substantial demand for these services. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), about 534,849 recreational drones are registered in the United States. Owing to these factors, drone maintenance services are highly demanded in the United States.

How Can China Be a Highly Lucrative Market for Drone Maintenance Services?

The China drone maintenance service market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 29.3% during the forecast period.

China is expected to have the substantial utility of drones in the forecast period. Agriculture, healthcare, and retail are some of the major sectors in the region that are witnessed drone usage for various purposes like package delivery, inspection, mapping & surveying and spraying, etc. Incremental drone utility will result in demand for repair and maintenance services of drones and create a lucrative opportunity for market participants to expand in the forthcoming period.

Also, China is observed with the presence of some of the leading drone manufacturing organizations like DJI, High Great, EHang, and others. These market players offer drone maintenance and repair services of their respective brands which are likely to escalate the drone maintenance service market in the region.

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Category-wise Insights

Multi-rotor to exhibit leading share in the utility of drone maintenance services

Multi-rotors drone accounts for a leading share of 67.0% in the global drone maintenance market.

Multi-rotor drones are witnessed with the most utility in comparison with fixed wings. The excessive sale of this drone type has leveraged the demand for its maintenance & repair services worldwide. Multi-rotor drones are comprised of two lift-generating rotors, blades, and other components. These components are expected with the most number of breakdowns while flying a drone & used for different inspections, surveying, and other activities.

Also, multi-rotor drones are comprised of new technologies these days, like artificial intelligence, sensors, data analytics software, and others. Therefore, demand for maintenance service providers is also gaining popularity for multi-rotor drones that can efficiently fix the software of the drones.

Hardware to hold leading share in service

Drones are more hardware components than software. The breakdown of hardware is more likely to occur compared to the software which significantly enhances the adoption of drone maintenance services. In a drone, components that face breakdown the most are the propeller, motor, wings, batteries, and others. Therefore, maintenance of drones is most likely to be observed for the hardware.

The segment is also projected to rise at a significant rate in the forthcoming period owing to the increase in the production of drones and their adoption of it in different industry verticals. Drones have rugged and are used in industries like construction, agriculture, and others where the chances of damage to the drone hardware component are high. This factor is projected to escalate the market growth in the forthcoming period.

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Competitive Landscape

Key market players in drone maintenance market are AerialMediaPros, Aerialpixels, BRAAMD, Camzilla, Candrone, COPTRZ, D1 Store, DDS dronerepair, DJI, Donecle, Drone Nerds, Drone Works Ireland, Drone Worx, Dronefly, DroneXperts, DSLRPros, Expert Drones, Fix 'n Fly, Fortress UAV, Good Zone Shop and Service and Heliguy.

The business environment in the drone maintenance market is significantly competitive with the introduction of various new market players in the industry. These players are taking strategic moves regarding service launches and mergers & acquisitions to enhance their market presence. For instance,

  • In September 2022, DJI, China’s leading drone manufacturer appointed dronetech startup Aonic as the first authorized service centre in Malaysia of DJI’s enterprises.

Fact.MR has provided detailed information about the provider of drone maintenance market positioned across regions, revenue growth, and service offering expansion, in the recently published report.

Segmentation of the Drone Maintenance Market

  • By Drone Type:

    • Multi-Rotor
    • Fixed Wing
  • By Service:

    • Hardware
    • Software
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What size is the drone maintenance market expected to reach?

The market for drone maintenance market will be US$ 825.0 million by 2033-end.

How did the market perform in the forecast years?

During 2023-2033, the drone maintenance market will increase at a 27.5% CAGR.

Which drone type holds the highest market share?

Multi-rotor accounts for 67.0% global market share.

Which region is projected to grow with the highest CAGR?

East Asia to exhibit the highest CAGR with 28.7% in the forecast period (2023 - 2033).

Drone Maintenance Market

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