Fishing Drones Market

Fishing Drones Market Size, Share, Forecast Analysis, By Payload Capacity (below 1 Kg, 1 to 2 Kg, Above 2 Kg), By Type (Fixed Wing, Rotary Blade), By Application (Commercial Fishing, Recreational Fishing, Others), By Payload Capacity and Region - Global Market Insights 2023- 2033

Analysis of Fishing Drones Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Fishing Drones Market Outlook (2023-2033)

The global fishing drone market is set to enjoy a valuation of US$ 756.0 million in 2023 and further expand at a CAGR of 11.6% to reach US$ 2,265.4 million by the end of 2033.

In 2023, the global drone market is estimated to have around 7.6 million unit shipments, while the drone market is projected to grow at 15.3% CAGR. In terms of volume, fishing drone will have nearly 169.5 Th units demand. Sales of fishing drone accounted for nearly 2% share of the global drone market, while agriculture drone market is valued at US$ 3,807.0 million in at the end of 2023.

Report Attributes


Market Size (2022A)

US$ 668.3 Million

Estimated Market Value (2023E)

US$ 756.0 Million

Forecasted Market Value (2033F)

US$ 2,265.4 Million

Global Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

11.6% CAGR

North America Market Share (2023)

~ 32.1%

North America Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 242.7 Million

Europe Market Share (%), 2023


Europe Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 273.1 Million

China Market Share (%), 2023


China Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 74.1 Million

Top 3 country Market Share (%)


Key Companies Profiled

  • 3DR
  • AeroKontiki
  • Autel
  • DJI
  • Gannet
  • PowerVision Inc.
  • Rippton
  • Sharkan
  • SwellPro Technology LTD.
  • UPair
  • Yuneec

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Sales Analysis of Fishing Drone Market (2017-2021) Vs. Market Forecast Outlook (2023-2033)

In recent years, the fishing drone is an integral part of the fishing process because the drone improves bait selection process and by that drone increases the success rate while fishing.

The ability to detect underwater movement using GPS technology or sonar has common in high-tech drones. The sales of fishing drones depend on the payload on drone flight, drone battery endurance, drone waterproofing, and the cost of the drone. High-tech drone comes with a camera resolution; range is over 1 km, and good battery capacity. However, these types of drone has a high cost. Due to that, many consumers cannot afford it.

Manufacturers are creating high-tech drones at low cost. This is also playing a role in undermining any value growth in demand for a fishing drone.

  • Short Term (2023 Q2 to 2025): Rotary wing fishing drone with 1-2 kg payload capacity to positively impact fishing drone market growth
  • Medium Term (2025-2028): Europe and North America anticipated to witness high fishing drone demand due to the fishery business in these regions, with the global leading players
  • Long Term (2028-2033): Increase in the use fishing drone in Asia Pacific region will upsurge the market growth

Over the 2017-2021 historical period, the global fishing drone market registered a CAGR of 6.4%, and according to the Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, the market is projected to exhibit growth at 11.6% CAGR between 2023 and 2033.

Fishing drone market forecast by Fact.MR

Market share analysis of fishing drone based on payload capacity and region is provided in a nutshell in the above image. Under the payload capacity segment, the above 2 Kg sub-segment dominates with 39.4% market share in 2023.

What’s Driving Demand for Fishing Drone across the Globe?

“Increasing Payload Capacity to Bolster the Market Growth”

The weight that a drone can carry at one time while flying over water is called payload. Payload comes first when purchasing a fishing drone that which is very important.

Some fishing drone capacity has less than 250 grams, so it is difficult to carry heavy fish. Leading consumer product manufacturers of fishing drones are capitalizing on opportunities to bolster their company growth by increasing payload capacity. One of the advanced fishing drones is the DJI phantom. It has a 1.3 Kg payload capacity and a flight range of 7 Km. this type of drone attracts consumers to a fishing drones.

On account of its increasing payload capacity and impressive flight, the range has helped manufacturers to gain momentum. Payload capacity is one such integral part of fishing drones that is drawing the attention of industry leaders as well as new entrants.

“Rising Demand of Underwater Imaging and Data Collection through Drones”

Drones have consistently demonstrated their value to the photography industry and have won praise for their ability to capture the real world from novel technology and viewpoints. Since drone technology has been developed, underwater photography and data collection have grown more dependable and straightforward.

Drones are being considered by anglers all around the world as a means of taking pictures and catching fish. The market for fishing drone has been consistently fueled in recent months by an increase in demand for drones used for fishing. The use of drone technology has made gathering data much more efficient.

Drones have recently made it simpler and faster to gather information from aquaculture locations, such as information on fish feeding. Drone made a name for itself and broke down the physical limitations on data collection. In order to collect and analyse data, firms have now connected drones to cloud computing.

They have also proven to be a valuable tool for the business' digital transition. Different businesses have used drones to take advantage of data collection applications that use cutting-edge cloud-based data sharing through current networks. This in turn enhances the demand for fishing drone market from the end users side.

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What Do Fishing Drone Manufacturers Need to Watch Out?

“Manufacturers are Focusing on Waterproof Drones with Enhanced Performance to Push Product Penetration”

Drone market continues to fetch reliable trust from consumers. These drones have justified their worth, with all possible applications and consistent research and developments. Key manufacturer producing drones which are all ways to deliver high-end reliable applications to consumers.

In fishing drone after payload capacity the second most important factor is water resistance. The best fishing drones have to be handled depth of water and drag. If they are not then this particular drone cannot get good result.

Although manufacturers are working on increasing the water resisting coating. In addition, drones landing remained a key issue faced by manufacturers to look and continuous robust innovations will definitely fetch positive results soon and will let fishing drone market to anticipate penetration in the market.

Country-wise Insights

Why Fishing Drone is So Popular in Australia?

Australian people have been using kites for years due to that drone fishing is very similar concept to them. In addition, Australian anglers adopted the fishing drone immediately. First viral video that demonstrate drone fishing was release in Australia.

Rocky-fishing is one of the Australians most famous and dangerous sports. Drone fishing makes easy to participate for everyone. The uniqueness of fisheries and geography that make drone fishing so popular in Australia.

Since Australia accounts for nearly 15.4% of South Asia and Oceania fishing drone market, it has a significant impact on the fishing drone market. The market is expected to reach the valuation of US$ 11.9 million in 2023.

Why is Demand for Fishing Drone High in Japan?

Japanese fish farmers are using drones, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to improve operations and cut costs as seafood continues to soar. Due to that fishing drone has high demand in Japan.

Manufacturers are introducing new technologies in japan such as the company, Space Entertainment Laboratory, has created autonomous drone that could use to spot schools of fish and search the missing swimmers.

With that Japanese government also amended countries fisheries law in 2019, which opens further doors for smart fishing, and allow nontraditional companies to fisheries business.

Due to this increasing demand for smart fishing, the fishing drone market propel in coming years. In 2023 fishing drone sales in Japan is expected to reach the valuation of US$ 38.9 million and Japan will account market share of 28.4% in global market.

Category-wise Insights

Why Sales of Commercial Fishing Drone are High across Mature Market?

Commercial fishing drone market has expected to reach the market share of 67.9% with valuation of US$ 513.0 Mn in 2023.

Drones have already entered some commercial sectors to cut down on human work hours and make better use of uncommon human resources. Given the potential commercial uses for drones in the future, drone-based fishing could be widely expanded, along with the ability to deliver fish to specific locations. One could note the logistics of small, light goods.

Technological innovation that is progressing also points to a rise in the use of automated drones. The market growth of fishing drones would consequently be accelerated by these numerous drone applications in the commercial fishing industry.

Which Payload Capacity Segment for Fishing Drone Market is Leading Growth?

Above 2 Kg payload capacity sub-segment will dominate market with share of 39.4% in 2023. Growing public interest in the drone fishing in developed and developing countries is anticipated to create ample growth potential for the drone market. Above 2 Kg payload capacity are seen as a necessary to capture fish and not cause any harm to a drone even though they are not required.

Manufacturers have increase the production of this above 2 Kg payload capacity drones. Additionally, the target segment has a lot of potential to expand to fishing drone that can be customized to meet the needs of the end users.

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Competitive Landscape

Fishing drone manufacturers are PowerVision Inc., SwellPro Technology LTD., Gannet, DJI, AeroKontiki, Sharkan, UPair, 3DR, Yuneec, Rippton, IDFTECH, AutelVinci Pro.

Manufacturers are focusing on adopting various marketing strategies like reduced price points on manufactured products, partnerships with retailers, launch of endorsement programs, use of new technologies to manufacture cutting edge products etc. in order to meet the scope of competition in the drone industry.

For instance :

  • In May. 2022, RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd, the flagship company of RattanIndia Group for its new-age growth businesses, has acquired a 60% stake in Bengaluru-based drone manufacturing startup Throttle Aerospace Systems.

Fact.MR has provided detailed information about the price points of key manufacturers of fishing drone positioned across regions, sales growth, production capacity, and speculative technological expansion, in the recently published report.

Segmentation of Fishing Drone Industry Research

  • By Type :

    • Fixed Wing
    • Rotary Wing
  • By Application :

    • Commercial Fishing
    • Recreational Fishing
    • Others
  • By Payload Capacity :

    • Below 1 Kg
    • 1 to 2 Kg
    • Above 2 Kg
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • MEA

- FAQs -

What is the global fishing drone market size?

The global fishing drone market is expected to the valuation of US$ 756.0 million in 2023.

Which regional fishing drone market accounts for a leading market share?

North America tops the global fishing drone market likely to get 32.1% market share in 2023.

Which type holds the highest market share?

Rotary wing type will top and account for 53.7% share of global sales in 2023.

How is the market for fishing drone expected to fare going forward?

Worldwide demand for fishing drone is anticipated to reach US$ 2,265.4 million by 2033-end.

How did the market perform over the last few years?

During 2017-2021, sales of fishing drone increased at 6.4% CAGR.

Fishing Drones Market

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