Stealth Drones Market

Stealth Drones Market Analysis, By Type (Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing), By Payload capacity (Below 500 Kg, 500-1000 Kg, 1000-1500 Kg, Above 1500 Kg), By Application (Combat, Surveillance & Monitoring, Mapping & Surveying, Border Security, Others), and Region - Global Market Insights 2023-2033

Analysis of Stealth Drones Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Stealth Drones Market Outlook (2023-2033)

The global stealth drone market is set to enjoy a valuation of US$ 5,532.5 million in 2023 and further expand at a CAGR of 15.2% to reach US$ 22,774.3 million by the end of 2033.

In 2023, the global drone market is estimated to have around 7.6 million unit shipments and is further projected to grow at 15.3% CAGR. Wherein sales of stealth drone accounted for nearly 16% share of the global drone market at the end of 2022.

Report Attributes


Market Size (2022A)

US$ 4,691 Million

Estimated Market Value (2023E)

US$ 5,532.5 Million

Forecasted Market Value (2033F)

US$ 22,774.3 Million

Global Market Growth Rate (2023-2033)

15.2% CAGR

North America Market Share (2023)

~ 32.1%

North America Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 1,776.5 Million

Europe Market Share (%), 2023


Europe Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 1,998.3 Million

China Market Share (%), 2023


China Market Value (US$ Mn), 2023

US$ 643.5 Million

Top 3 country Market Share (%)


Key Companies Profiled

  • Adani Defence & Aerospace
  • Aeronautics Group
  • AeroVironment, Inc
  • Asteria Aerospace
  • BAE Systems
  • Boeing
  • Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS)
  • Elbit Systems Ltd
  • General Aeronautics
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
  • ideaForge

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Sales Analysis of Stealth Drone Market (2018-2022) Vs. Market Forecast Outlook (2023-2033)

Military, Special Forces, border security, and other tactical operations all around the world employ drones. Several drone detection and neutralization technologies have recently been developed as a response to the growing threat posed by drones.

Stealth technology has emerged over the past century as one of the most efficient methods for evading radar detection. "Stealth" or "low observable" technology has proliferated, particularly for military aircraft and drones. All new drone types are created using low observable concepts and practices, and current jet fighters are frequently altered to lessen their radar signature.

Sales of stealth drone has increased in recent years and reached the valuation of US$ 4,691 million in 2022.

  • Short Term (2023 Q2 to 2026): Increasing ambiguity of international relations has been motivating the use stealth drones by national security forces.
  • Medium Term (2025-2029): The increasing advancements in the overall drone industry across China will make East Asia a lucrative market for stealth drones.
  • Long Term (2029-2033): Expansion of technological advancements in drones throughout the world will bring the market long term growth opportunities.

Over the 2018-2022 historical period, the global stealth drone market registered a CAGR of 11.2%, and according to the Fact.MR, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, the market is projected to exhibit growth at 15.2% CAGR between 2023 and 2033.

Stealth Drone Market Forecast 2023 2033

Market share analysis of stealth drone based on application and region is provided in a nutshell in the above image. Under the application segment, the combat sub-segment will dominate with 39.9 % market share in 2023.

What’s Driving Demand for Stealth Drone?

“Remarkable Success in Simplifying Military Engagement”

In order to streamline military operations on the front lines of combat, drone technology was largely developed for military applications. Over the years, this method has experienced more of successes yet some failures. The most obvious advantage of military drones is that they greatly reduce the possibility of putting military personnel in danger or in a hostile environment. Since many of these drones are unmanned, no human lives are in danger, which is why this is the case.

The second most obvious advantage of drones is their affordability because they are significantly less expensive than traditional aeroplanes to purchase, fuel, and maintain. Because drones can fly at a lower height and are smaller than other aircraft, there is less risk to military equipment.

This ensures that the expensive military hardware is only deployed as and when it is very necessary. Due to these advantages of stealth drone, demand for drones in military has increased.

“Stealth, neither be Detected by Radar nor Visual Devices”

The main surface design of the stealth drones deflects and scatters incoming waves in different directions. This is achieved by using flat surfaces that are sharply angled or particularly curved surfaces with irregular angles. These surfaces enable the object or aircraft to convey the radio waves along their surfaces without any reflections.

Modern warfare, as we know, has been dramatically changed by the development of stealth technology. There are now military drones with "stealth" capabilities. This suggests that such a plane has an extremely modest radar cross section when compared to other aircraft of a same size. When the radar's range and power are adequate, stealth can be found.

Sales of stealth drones are rising as a result of the worldwide military and defense technology breakthroughs.

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What Do Stealth Drone Manufacturers Need to Watch Out for?

“Fear of Collateral Damage in the Warfare”

Drones have very specific limitations. For instance, they are unable to speak with civilians in order to acquire more accurate intelligence. Drones cannot seize military installations, equipment that has been abandoned, or soldiers who are handing in their guns. Collateral harm to civilian lives and property occurs often in both conventional battle and drone warfare. This is because they are unable to make deployment decisions.

The public frequently has an unfavorable perception of drones because they think of them as an invading army. Conflicts between civilians and soldiers have been known to escalate because of drones. Additionally, when drones cause collateral damage, such as human casualties and property loss, citizen perceptions are severely damaged.

Such challenges with operation of stealth drone due and civilian loss may affect the market growth stealth drones.

Country-wise Insights

Which Country has Highest Market Share in Asia-Pacific Region?

China is predicted to hold the largest position in the Asia-Pacific market throughout the forecast period due to China's increased defense spending and the presence of prominent UAV manufacturers in China.

China is examining how to turn its extremely advanced military drones into "loyal wingmen" for the J-20, the country's most powerful fifth-generation stealth aircraft.

Drone attacks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020 acted as a foreshadowing of future military strategies, causing China and other Western countries to pace up their research into AI and drone technology.

Due to these factors, China’s regional market share for stealth drone is high and is also expected to depict a rapid growth over the forecast period. The China stealth drone market is expected to reach US$ 643.5 million by 2023.

Why is Demand for Stealth Drone High in the US?

The US has continually maintained its advantage in the use of emerging technology. The US Air Force's drone stealth bomber programme could enhance the capabilities of the nation's future B-21 Raider. The US government and military are focusing on cutting-edge technologies for stealth drones. Additionally, the US has made significant investments in both labor and money to build improved stealth drones.

Due to these factors, the US demand for stealth drones has increased over the historic period and it will reach a valuation of US$ 22,774.3 million in 2033.

Category-wise Insights

Which Payload Capacity is Expected to Spur the Market Growth?

On the basis of payload capacity of drone, the market has been segmented into below 500 Kg, 500-1000 Kg, 1000-1500 Kg, above 1500 Kg. Below 500 kg sub-segment is anticipated to lead the stealth drone segment owing to the great demand for drones due to war situations in overall world. Drones can be used to transport a wide range of products, from surveying to combat, among others.

The below 500 kg segment is anticipated to hold the highest market share of 40.5% during the forecast period, owing to growing investment in the R&D of drones for balance between efficiency and cost.

How Combat Stealth Drones are Likely to Witness an Accelerated Growth?

Based on the application, the combat segment is expected to hold the largest share during the forecast period. Increasing fast war process and therefore the enlargement of armies, which needs new ways of war with new large-scale drones on-line quickly, has been driving the demand of stealth drones in combat.

Around the globe, stealth drones are widely used for combat purposes although in recent years, mapping and surveying use has rapidly increased. This has led to an increase in stealth drone demand in recent years and the trend is expected to further grow in future.

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Competitive Landscape

Prominent Stealth drone manufacturers are Adani Defence & Aerospace, Aeronautics Group, AeroVironment, Inc, Asteria Aerospace, BAE Systems, Boeing, Cyient Solutions & Systems (CSS), Elbit Systems Ltd, General Aeronautics, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, ideaForge,

Top manufacturers of drone accessories are focusing on consistent innovation of product designs to meet the modern-day challenges of component placement in the harsh environment. Prominent players are following a competitive market pricing strategy in the drone accessories market. Companies are also developing constructive partnerships and collaborations with the government and end-use industries.

Owing to the high demand for modern accessories, market players are expanding their product offerings to increase consumer penetration. Market participants are focusing on R&D and channelizing their resources while trying to expand their regional base.

  • In May 2022, Rattan India Enterprises Ltd, the flagship company of Rattan India Group for its new-age growth businesses, has acquired a 60% stake in Bengaluru-based drone manufacturing startup Throttle Aerospace Systems.
  • In April 2021, US-based drone technology firm AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. has been in business for over a decade. The company announced the acquisition of an award-winning aerial intelligence solutions company Measure Global Inc. in a combination cash and stock transaction valued at approximately US$45 million.

Fact.MR has provided detailed information about the price points of key manufacturers of stealth drone positioned across regions, sales growth, production capacity, and speculative technological expansion, in the recently published report.

Segmentation of Stealth Drone Industry Research

  • By Type :

    • Rotary Wing
    • Fixed Wing
  • By Payload Capacity :

    • Below 500 Kg
    • 500-1000 Kg
    • 1000-1500 Kg
    • Above 1500 Kg
  • By Application :

    • Combat
    • Surveillance & Monitoring
    • Mapping & Surveying
    • Border Security
    • Others
  • By Region :

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the global stealth drone market size?

The global stealth drone market is expected to reach the valuation of US$ 5,532.5 million in 2023.

Which stealth drone payload capacity holds the highest market share?

Below 500 kg stealth drone will account for 40.5% share of global sales in 2023.

Which regional stealth drone market accounts for a leading market share?

Europe tops the global stealth drone market accounting for 36.1% market share in 2023.

How is the market for stealth drone expected to fare going forward?

Worldwide demand for stealth drone is anticipated to reach US$ 22,774.3 million by 2033-end.

How did the market perform over the last few years?

During 2018-2022, sales of stealth drone increased at 11.2% CAGR.

Stealth Drones Market

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