HVAC Cleaning Services Market

HVAC Cleaning Services Market Size, Share & Forecast Analysis, By Service (Chimney Cleaning Services, Ventilation Duct & Hood Cleaning Services, Microbial Control, Others), By End User (Commercial, Residential, Industrial), & Region - Global Market Insights 2022 to 2032

Analysis of HVAC Cleaning Services Market Covering 30+ Countries Including Analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

HVAC Cleaning Services Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global HVAC cleaning services market exhibited a growth rate of 3.5% during the historical period of 2017-2021 and reached a market valuation of US$ 11.4 billion in 2022. During the forecast period 2022-2032, the market is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 4.3% and reach US$ 17.4 billion by the end of 2032.

HVAC cleaning services accounted for around 10% share of total enterprise spending on maintenance and cleaning services, which, over the coming years, is likely to experience a momentary transition. HVAC companies are providing cleaning and maintenance services as a bundled package, and as a result, separate spending by enterprises is shrinking.

Cleaned and properly maintained HVAC systems lead to lower carbon emissions into the environment and can conserve energy more efficiently, thereby creating lucrative opportunities for HVAC cleaning service providers. As HVAC systems account for 40% of all carbon emissions, timely cleaning will limit carbon emissions across the world.

Additionally, regular cleaning of HVAC systems reduces the risk of transmitted diseases that can occur from waste-generated pests, rodents, and others that makes a home in the ducts. Also, ducts full of dust and dander can result in respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions in infants, elders, and those already suffering from breathing issues.

In the short term, the market is expected to expand significantly with the utility of antimicrobial chemicals that ensure sanitization and disinfection processes in the cleaning of HVAC systems.

Continuous growth in population and rising urbanization are resulting in significant development of infrastructure and buildings with installed HVACs. This factor is expected to stimulate the need for HVAC cleaning services. Strict regulations regarding the reduction of carbon emissions and energy conservation, along with growing awareness regarding the utility of HVAC cleaning services to avoid allergies, respiratory diseases, and others, are expected to drive market growth in the long run.

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HVAC Cleaning Services Market Size (2021A)

US$ 11 Billion

Estimated Market Value (2022E)

US$ 11.4 Billion

Forecasted Market Value (2032F)

US$ 17.4 Billion

Global Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

~ 4.3% CAGR

North America Market Share (2021)


East Asia Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

~5% CAGR

United States Market Growth Rate (2022-2032)

~4.1% CAGR

Key Companies Profiled

  • Action Duct Cleaning Company
  • Hughes Environmental
  • ServiceMaster
  • Clean Air Services
  • Daikin Industries Ltd.
  • Dr. Energy Saver, Inc
  • LG Electronics Inc.
  • Heinen & Hopman
  • Service-Tech Corporation
  • Servpro Industries
  • Aire Serv
  • Stanley Steemer
  • TakeAir

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What are the Key factors Ensuring the Growth of HVAC Cleaning Services?

“Increasing Installation of HVAC Systems”

HVAC systems have commendable utility in the residential and commercial sectors as they help in maintaining good indoor air quality through appropriate ventilation and filtration and offer greater thermal comfort.

  • According to the Energy Information Association, around 87% of U.S. homes have air conditioning, with 75% installed with central AC units.

With the increasing installation of HVAC systems worldwide, demand for HVAC cleaning services is expected to rise at a significant rate. HVAC cleaning service providers ensure improved air quality, air free from airborne particles, and increased energy & power efficiency.

Residential & building owners are highly benefited from HVAC cleaning services; they avoid the excessive cost incurred in the repair & maintenance of HVAC systems, which prominently ensures the longer lifecycle of HVAC systems.

“Technological Innovation in HVAC Cleaning Services”

HVAC cleaning services have gained immense popularity to ensure the good health of these systems as well as their users. A plethora of mechanisms are been utilized these days to keep HVAC systems healthy.

The utility of UV light is one of the trending processes of microbial control to deal with mold spores or bacteria that accumulate in HVAC ducts, ventilation, and other internal components. Also, robotics cleaning solutions are being opted for in place of traditional pressurized air solutions to clean the ducts. Robots are equipped with cameras, lights, bristles, and brushes placed inside the complex ducts, which then perform far more comprehensive hygienic cleaning than pressurized air.  

Additionally, the global spread of COVID-19 impacted the utility of antimicrobial chemicals that ensure sanitization, deodorization, and disinfection altogether in the cleaning of HVAC systems, avoiding microbial contamination.

How is Demand for HVAC Cleaning Services Being Adversely Affected?

“Lack of Skilled Professionals & High Cost of HVAC Cleaning Services”

Old buildings & infrastructures with complex HVAC designs are expected to restrict the demand for HVAC cleaning services as inappropriate ducting & ventilation makes it difficult for a cleaner to clean the space.

Lack of skilled professionals for HVAC cleaning services may hamper market growth as well. Unskilled professionals with lower training can damage the duct and other essential components of HVAC systems. Moreover, cleaning large & complex HVAC systems installed in the industrial & commercial sectors require industrial-grade specialized equipment, which results in the high cost of HVAC cleaning services for customers.

Hvac cleaning services market foprecast by Fact.MR

Image depicts expected total addressable market value of HVAC cleaning services in 2022. Ventilation duct & hood cleaning holds a leading share of 38% of total market revenue.

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Country-wise Insights

Factors Aiding demand Growth for HVAC Cleaning Services in the United States

The United States has a large number of installations of HVAC systems owing to the growing population, increased disposable income, and establishment of large corporate and residential buildings. This factor is necessitating the timely repair & maintenance of HVAC systems, which is expected to drive market growth over the coming period.

  • As per the United States Department of Energy, every year, around 3 million heating & cooling systems are replaced by U.S. homeowners and around US$ 14 billion is spent on the repair & maintenance of HVAC systems.

Also, growing concerns about carbon emissions and energy conservation in the country are driving the adoption of high-efficiency equipment with the ability to reduce energy usage by 50%. To maintain the greater efficiency of these newly installed systems, routine maintenance and cleaning services are required by home & building owners.

China HVAC Cleaning Services Market to Grow Fastest

The market in China is expected to rise at the highest CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period 2022-2032. Factors such as the rising purchasing capacity of customers in the country and increasing investments in infrastructure development, which will lead to the installation of HVAC systems to offer comfort in commercial & residential spaces, are driving market growth.

China invests around 10% of its GDP in infrastructure development every year. The Chinese government has also framed strict norms regarding the reduction of carbon emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060. Then there is the new general code in 2022 that requires new construction designed with a focus on energy conservation with installed energy-efficient equipment.

Category-wise Insights

Ventilation Duct & Hood Cleaning Services to Secure Leading Market Share

Ventilation duct & hood cleaning services are expected to hold a leading share of the global market. Rising awareness regarding scheduled maintenance and cleaning of air ducts for health betterment and reduction of issues arising due to microorganism growth in air ducts are driving the demand for ventilation duct & hood cleaning services across the world.

The industrial & commercial sectors are leading segments driving the demand for ventilation duct & hood cleaning services, as these facilities have large and complex ventilation ducts with comparatively higher utility than residential complexes.

Also, ventilation ducts & hoods are prone to microorganisms and are home to pests that can result in air dirt and various respiratory diseases. Due to this factor, cleaning chemicals are been utilized by market players that are cost- and time-efficient, a factor that is projected to drive segment growth in the years ahead.

Residential Sector to Accounts for Highest HVAC Cleaning Services

The increasing population and rising urbanization worldwide are resulting in the tremendous development of residential buildings and houses. This is resulting in the increased installation of HVAC systems in the residential sector, thereby driving the demand for HVAC cleaning services.

Also, the increasing disposable income of the population in emerging economies is a huge factor driving the installation of HVAC systems, which require timely maintenance and cleaning.

Additionally, HVAC cleaning services see high demand in the residential sector to prevent infants, adults, and other people from various allergic and respiratory diseases that can occur due to the dirty and unhygienic ducts & chimneys of HVAC systems.

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Competitive Landscape

Key HVAC cleaning service providers are Action Duct Cleaning Company, DUCTZ, Hughes Environmental, ServiceMaster, Clean Air Services, Daikin Industries Ltd., Dr. Energy Saver, Inc, LG Electronics Inc., Heinen & Hopman, Service-Tech Corporation, ONE MDC RESOURCES, Servpro Industries, Aire Serv, Stanley Steemer, and TakeAir.

The market comprises both large and small enterprises offering HVAC cleaning services. The market is expected to rise over the coming period with the introduction of advanced technologies enabling efficient cleaning services along with consumer-focused services.

For instance:

  • In January 2021, Milagrow introduced an air duct cleaning robot, which is the first ever robot duct cleaner robot in India. The robot is installed with free telescopic cleaning arms, a viper, an omni-directional wheel, and a camera for 360-degree maneuverability.
  • In March 2022, Filterbuy, a leading supplier of air filters in the residential and commercial sector, announced the Filterbuy Local services. The company will provide home and business owners on-site air duct cleaning as well as dry vent cleaning services. The company will offer these services in Central Alabama and Southeast Florida and is expected to expand its footprint across the United States.

Fact.MR has provided detailed information about the providers of HVAC cleaning services positioned across regions, revenue growth, and service offering expansion, in the recently published report.

Segmentation of HVAC Cleaning Services Industry Research

  • By Service:

    • Chimney Cleaning Services
    • Ventilation Duct & Hood Cleaning Services
    • Microbial control
    • Others (not classified elsewhere)
  • By End User:

    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Industrial
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia & Oceania
    • Middle East & Africa

- FAQs -

What is the outlook for the HVAC cleaning services market for 2022-2032?

The global HVAC cleaning services market is expected to reach US$ 17.4 billion by the end of 2032.

Which end-user industry utilizes HVAC cleaning services the most?

The residential sector leads the race with 40% of the overall market share.

Which region accounts for a leading share of the global market?

East Asia holds 34% share of the global market for HVAC cleaning services.

How did the market perform during the historic period?

From 2017 to 2021, demand for HVAC cleaning services increased at a CAGR of 3.5%.

HVAC Cleaning Services Market

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