Cheddar Cheese Market

Cheddar Cheese Market Analysis Report By Product (Blocks, Cubes, Slice, Spread, Spray), By Source (Cattle Milk, Goat Milk, Sheep Milk), By Application (Processed Cheese, Snacks & Savory, Bakery & Confectionery), By Sales Channel, & By Region - Global Insights 2022 - 2032

Analysis of Cheddar Cheese market covering 30 + countries including analysis of US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Nordics, GCC countries, Japan, Korea and many more

Cheddar Cheese Market Outlook (2022-2032)

The global cheddar cheese market is projected to expand steadily at a CAGR 3.5% value, during the forecast period 2022-2032. In the year 2022, the market size is projected to expand and gain a global market valuation of US$ 62 Million. Considering this steady growth along with the booming demand in the global market, the cheddar cheese market is expected to reach US$ 86.5 Million by 2032.

Cheddar cheese is a multipurpose food item that has been employed in a variety of ways in the food business. Cheddar cheese is becoming a staple in most meal preparations thanks to the bread industry and food product manufacturers. As a result, cheddar cheese is more in demand on the international market. The food sector is forecast to produce more cheddar cheese as a result of the cheese's expanding use in a variety of cuisines throughout the world.

The global market for cheddar cheese has seen both consumption and production rise as a result of this. Additionally, a growth in the consumption of cheddar cheese in various breakfast goods is anticipated as a result of rising consumer demand for breakfast items made with cheddar cheese.



Anticipated Base Year Value (2021)

US$ 58 Million

Expected Market Value (2022)

US$ 61 Million

Projected Forecast Value (2032)

US$ 86.5 Million

Global Growth Rate (2022-2032)


Expected Growth Rate of the US Market (2022-2032)

3.7% CAGR

Anticipated Growth Rate of China Market (2022-2032)


Prominent Players in The Global Market

  • Arla Foods Amba
  • Savencia SA
  • Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
  • Koninklijke Friesland Campina N.V
  • Groupe Lactalis S.A
  • Almarai - Joint Stock Company
  • Associated Milk Producers, Inc.
  • Mondelez International, Inc.
  • Sargento Foods Inc.
  • Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.
  • Somerdale International Ltd
  • Rumiano Cheese
  • Door Artisan Cheese Co.
  • Amish Country Cheese

Cheddar cheese is regarded as a nutritious food that is both healthful and healthy. It has a superb flavor and a substantially longer shelf life in addition to containing a number of nutritiously dense ingredients that are vital for preserving the body's metabolism. Additionally, the intensified form of cheddar cheese is a good source of milk lipids, proteins, minerals, and micronutrients with a high vitamin content.

Cheddar cheese's high protein level makes it the most sought-after flavor component in a variety of culinary items. Additionally, cheddar cheese is a great source of the phosphorus and calcium elements required to keep human bones healthy.

In addition to these, cheddar cheese contains micronutrients including fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins that increase its value as a health enhancer. As a result, it is increasingly used in a variety of food items as a flavoring or supporting element. Such benefits of cheddar cheese are going to boost the global demand in this market during the forecast period.

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2017-2021 Cheddar Cheese Market Demand Analysis Vs. Forecast 2022-2032

According to market research and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR- the market for cheddar cheese reflected a value CAGR of 2.5% during the historical period, 2017- 2021. Cheddar cheese concentrate may readily be combined with other ingredients to create a variety of food items, including dips, sauces, breads, snacks, and cakes.

It is available as paste or powder. Due to this, cheddar cheese concentrate is now used in a range of foods, including those manufactured from processed cheddar cheese, sauces with various cheddar cheese bases, and baked goods including breadsticks and flavored breads.

Due to a continuously changing lifestyle and a lack of time for making elaborate meals, people all over the world are seeking for ready-to-eat and simple-to-make food. This phenomena mostly results in an increase in the consumption of prepared foods and salty snack items, which in turn increases demand for cheddar cheese.

The expansion of online and retail stores resulting in the easy availability of cheddar cheese products, is further anticipated to create lucrative growth opportunities for manufacturers in the coming years. The global cheddar cheese market is expected to grow at a 3.5% CAGR during 2022-2032.

Prominent Growth Drivers Influencing the Cheddar Cheese Market

Rising consumption of NATURAL CHEDDAR CHEESE to boost Demand

For the majority of the last ten years, natural cheese has dominated the whole cheese sector. Natural cheddar cheese has seen positive growth as a result of the trend. Two major trends-increasing cheese consumption in the foodservice sector and greater use as snack cheese-have contributed significantly to this expansion in the natural cheddar cheese category.

Cheddar cheese usage by the foodservice industry has grown over a large portion of the review period as a result of new recipes and culinary trends gaining popularity throughout the world as well as the rising globalization of continental and American cuisines. Larger retail packs are shown to be consumed by smaller eateries, which encourages the rise of cheddar cheese in "block" form.

Furthermore, the market for cheddar cheese is anticipated to grow over the course of the forecast period as a result of product and packaging improvements made by manufacturers to enable consumption of cheese as snacks, either on its own or in combination with other snack ingredients. Along with these trends in snacking, it is anticipated that customers' willingness to pay more for natural, clean-label, organic, and comparable components will have a significant influence on the growth of the natural cheddar cheese category over the course of the projection period.

Emerging Economies in the APAC Region to attract Major Investments

The demand for cheese is predicted to expand sharply in emerging economies like South America and the APAC region. East Asia has seen a sharp increase in cheese consumption per person due to changing eating patterns, growing affluence, and the expansion of restaurant chains that feature cheese as a prominent element.

The cheese market is boosted by Asia's rapid urbanization process, rising family incomes, and the growing appeal of the Western way of life among middle- and upper-class people. Particularly among young people, the rising consumption of pizza and other fast meals with a European flair appears to be a fundamental consumer trend.

As a result, the average-high income section of the population, which makes up the majority of the population in large Asian cities, dominates the cheese market. Consumer demand for packaged cheese-containing meals has seen a strong rise. Additionally, cheese prices have decreased due to tariff reductions and higher tariff-rate quotas, which has increased imports. With the rising demand for these products, the demand for cheddar cheese will boom during 2022-2032.

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What Could Possibly Hinder Cheddar Cheese Market Demand?

Consumer Tilt towards Health Boosting Foods may lead to a Dip in Consumption

Consumer concerns about their health and well-being are growing as the busy and unproductive lifestyle of the urban population across the world becomes the norm. Due to their hectic schedules, customers are being encouraged to choose healthier eating options.

As a result, many customers are cutting back on their junk food intake. Although it provides a low-fat alternative to cheddar cheese, the market for it is projected to decline. The popularity of nuts and dry fruits as snacks has decreased the market for goods containing cheddar cheese.

Since vegan customers prefer soy products, the total use of dairy products has grown as a result of consumer preference for a vegan diet. This trend's exceptional momentum has had a significant negative influence on the dairy sector, which is preventing the market for cheddar cheese from expanding. Hence, these can be some of the significant reasons that can stymie the growth of the soybean market during 2022-2032.

Category-wise Insights

Which product segment is forecast to gain the maximum market share?

Cheddar Cheese Cubes to be highly Sought After

The cube category is expected to lead the global cheddar cheese market in 2022 and is likely to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period. The segment is predicted to gain a global market share of 65% by 2022.

Its availability in sufficient numbers and ease of transportation account for this expansion. Calcium, one of the most crucial minerals for bone health, is present in large amounts in cubes of cheddar cheese. People who consume a diet high in calcium are less prone to develop osteoporosis. Vitamin K, which is essential for the health of bones, is also included in cubes of cheddar cheese. These are the main advantages that are anticipated to fuel this segment's expansion in the global market between 2022 and 2032.

Which Sales Channel will register Maximum Distribution of Cheddar Cheese Products?

Footfalls to be especially high across Specialty Stores

In 2022, the specialty stores segment is expected to hold the major portion of the cheddar cheese market by sales channel type, accounting for almost 30% of the global market share.

Fact.MR predicts that the spread of western eating customs and immigration, which prompted the opening of specialty food establishments, are the main drivers of this market segment's expansion worldwide.

However, during the projected period of 2022-2032, the supermarket segment is anticipated to expand quickly at a CAGR of 4%. This is because supermarkets provide a wide variety of goods available in different brands and price points. Such advances will bring in more segmental growth during the forecast period.

Country-wise Analysis

What is the outlook of the US Cheddar Cheese Market?

Packaging convenience and fast food demand will boost the market demand

The US market will be the most lucrative market for cheddar cheese during the forecast period. As per Fact.MR, the U.S market is expected to gain a market share of 45% in 2022. During the projection period of 2022–2032, the US region is predicted to expand at a faster rate than the rest of the world due to high cheddar cheese intake and the development of associated food products.

Market growth is anticipated as a result of product and packaging advancements made by manufacturers that make it possible to eat cheese as a snack either on its own or in conjunction with other snack components.

Cheddar cheese is often consumed in the area since it is so common in American cuisine. A significant element influencing the market's good growth over the review period has been cheese eating. Companies are concentrating more on releasing cutting-edge items, such as cheese snacks. For instance, the renowned Borden Snack Bars brand from Dairy Farmers of America now includes extremely sharp white cheddar and habanero cheddar. Also with the rise of various online food delivery services, there has an increased demand for fast foods in the US. Thus, the US market is predicted to grow at a 3.7% CAGR during 2022-2032.

What can be expected from the Chinese market for Cheddar Cheese?

China has emerged as one of the most profitable markets for the sales of cheddar cheese and is also expected to register the highest CAGR during 2022-2032. During the forecast period, the Chinese market for cheddar cheese is expected to grow at a 4% CAGR.

Cheddar cheese is often used in processed food and bakery goods in China, which is anticipated to promote the market's expansion. The increase in purchasing power brought on by increased disposable income among consumers in emerging nations is a significant contributor to the rising demand.

China is thought to represent a substantial portion of this due to the westernization of eating habits. The Chinese market is anticipated to grow quickly as a result of fast food trends, evolving eating habits and lifestyles, and rising disposable income.

Start-up Scenario

  • To commemorate World Vegan Month in 2022, Green Rebel Foods, an Indonesian food business, has produced "plant-based cheddar cheese." The firm has expanded its product range to include dairy-free options in addition to "beefless" (a shiitake mushroom-based beef replacement), "chick-in" (a non-genetically modified soy-based chicken alternative), and "wholefood protein."
  • A Mumbai-based firm called Katharos just released a unique line of vegan cheeses made from watermelon seeds, including cheddar and mozzarella. They are the first cheese blocks manufactured using watermelon seeds, according to the business. The soft, creamy cheeses may be melted and grated over sandwiches, pizza, fondue, burgers, and other dishes. They are prepared from coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, carrageenan (a seaweed extract), maize and potato starch, and nutritional yeast.

Competitive Landscape

Prominent cheddar cheese producers are concentrating on boosting their output and raising the caliber of their goods. Companies work with nearby dairy farmers to provide a steady supply of milk and to provide them with creative solutions. Some cheddar cheese manufacturers are concentrating on creating cutting-edge dairy processing facilities.

  • In order to solidify its commitment to developing sustainable dairy production and to sustainably expand its company, Arla Foods introduced its new five-year strategy in 2021. With a focus on sustainability, digitalization, new production technologies, and product development, Arla is ready to increase its investment opportunities by more than 40% to 4+ billion EUR within the next five years. It will also increase its rate of return to 1+ billion EUR to endorse its farmer owners as they pursue sustainability.
  • Sargento Foods Inc. won two awards in 2019 from Food Processing magazine and the American Business Awards for its product innovation. The Sargento innovation team was named the major company category's Research and Development Team of the Year by Food Processing. Each nominated organization's incremental innovation and procedures received hundreds of votes from Food Processing readers, who then selected the winners.

Key Segments Covered in the Cheddar Cheese Market Report

  • By Product :

    • Blocks
    • Cubes
    • Slice
    • Spread
    • Spray
  • By Source :

    • Cattle Milk
    • Goat Milk
    • Sheep Milk
  • By Application :

    • Processed Cheese
    • Snacks & Savory
    • Bakery & Confectionery
    • Sauces, Dressings, Dips, And Condiments
    • Ready Meals
    • Other Applications
  • By Sales Channel :

    • HoReCa
    • Modern Trade
    • Specialty Stores
    • Departmental Stores
    • Convenience Stores
  • By Region:

    • North America
    • Latin America
    • Europe
    • East Asia
    • South Asia
    • Oceania
    • Middle East Africa

- FAQs -

What is the projected market size of the cheddar cheese market by 2032?

The global cheddar cheese market is projected to reach a market size of US$ 86.5 Mn by 2032.

What will be the growth rate of the global cheddar cheese market during the forecast period?

The global cheddar cheese market is expected to grow with a 3.5% CAGR during 2022-2032.

What is the present market value of the cheddar cheese industry?

The global cheddar cheese market is currently worth more than US$ 60 Million.

Which segment is expected to dominate the global cheddar cheese market during 2022?

In 2022, the cubes segment by product type is expected to occupy a 65% market share and is expected to dominate the global market during 2022-2032 too.

How is the US cheddar cheese market projected to grow during 2022-2032?

The US is predicted to acquire 45% of the global market share in 2022 and grow with a 3.7% CAGR during 2022-2032.

What will be the outlook of the cheddar cheese sales channel segment during the forecast period?

The specialty stores segment is projected to hold a global market share of 30% in 2022.

At what rate did the cheddar cheese market flourish from 2017-2021?

From 2017-2021, the cheddar cheese market grew at a CAGR of 2.5%.

What was the outlook of the Chinese cheddar cheese market during 2022?

The Chinese region is forecast to have a CAGR of 4% over the projection period of 2022- 2032.

Cheddar Cheese Market

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