Nov 20, 2018

Biscuit Sales in UK Surpass US$ 2.1 Billion in 2018

by Team Fact.MR

Snack consumption in the UK is expected to surpass US$ 4,000 Mn while accounting for over one fourth of the Europe snack consumption in 2018. In Western Europe’s leading share of snack consumption, the UK remains one of the important markets in terms of production and exports. Overall growth of the UK snacks market can be attributed to,

  • UK consumer’s enlarging appetite for divergent snack products
  • A prominent market for on-the-go food which is consumed as an energy booster or a treat during the day
  • Country’s developing palate for different snack product innovation
  • A considerable demand for healthy snacks among UK consumers

The UK snacks market continues to remain under the influence of consumer behavior that portrays a daily habit of eating between meals. As snacks satisfy this between meal cravings, the UK snacks market is expected to grow at nearly 6% Y-o-Y in 2018 over 2017.

Among the snacking products covered in the UK snacks market, Britons are expected to register a significant demand for savory snacks such as biscuits; snack bars and sweet snacks.

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Britons’ Love for Biscuit on the Rise, Registered Half the Snack Consumption in 2017

Biscuit consumption in the UK continues to capture the pole position and is likely to account for over half the snacks consumed in 2018. The millennial and baby boomer populations in the UK hold a significant impact on the snack consumption trend. While millennials are experimental in trying new flavors and textures of biscuits, baby boomers continue to purchase biscuits as a part of the routine.

Among other snack varieties, consumption of fruit snacks and bars to collectively account for nearly half the sales in 2018. Demand for snack bars is growing on the back of increasing emphasis on sports nutrition and entry of world popular snack bar brands in the UK snacks market.

The millennial and baby boomer populations also hold significant influence on the preference for digital or omnichannel for the purchase of snacks in the UK. Supermarket/hypermarket held leading revenues in the UK snacks market in 2017 wherein these retail channels remain the primary choice of UK consumers.

With the UK’s thriving food and grocery convenience stores market, snacks sales through convenience stores are expected to closely follow supermarket/ hypermarket. This growth trend can be attributed to the increasing consumption of grab-and-go as well as fresh food products in the country.

Demand for Wheat-Based Variants on the Rise in UK Snacks Market

A variety of snack products consumed, wheat-based snack products are highly consumed by Britons. Amid the rising preference for gluten-free products, Britons’ wheat-based snack product consumption can face a decline in the future. The UK along with Germany and the Netherlands present significant demand for fruit snacks and opportunities for dried tropical fruit exporters.

Demand for healthy snacks in the UK snacks marketplace is to witness a steady adoption wherein a significant population still lacks awareness regarding the availability of healthy options. Manufacturers in the UK snacks market are introducing a variety of snack bars offering that is focused on health and wellness trend such a high-protein and energy bars with reduced calories.

As snacking remains an integral aspect of Britons’ lifestyle, time-pressed consumers continue to underline the importance of snacks in satisfying the demand for energy booster or treats in daily life. This fact underpins a steady growth of the UK snacks market in 2018.

The aforementioned insights and numbers are according to a Fact.MR study. The study also tracks the performance of the UK snacks market for the period 2017-2022.