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Waterproofing Membranes Market

Waterproofing Membrane Market to Exhibit Dexterous Growth at 8%, Supported by Growing Infrastructure Development, says Fact.MR analyst

Published : 14 Feb 2020 Industry: Chemical & Materials

Waterproofing membranes are employed in a variety of infrastructure such as residential, commercial, and government buildings. Emphasis on water conservation and wastewater treatment from governments worldwide will further boost the demand for waterproofing membranes during the forecast period (2019 – 2029).  Renovation of existing infrastructure is a driving force behind the surging demand for waterproofing membranes.  Waterproofing of roofs, walls, tunnels & landfills is expected to propel the waterproofing membrane market. Waterproofing membranes can withstand extreme environments which make this an ideal solution for insulation of mining tunnels around the world.

Key Takeaways of Waterproofing Membranes Market Study

  • Roofing employs maximum waterproofing membranes which attributes this end-use segment with a market share of more than 30%.
  • Walls and building structures collectively account for more than half of total market share on the back of renovation and upgradation of existing water management systems.
  • Building structures in particlular offer remunerative growth opportunities with a dexterous growth rate of more than 9% throughout the forecast period.
  • Another trend is the application of water proofing membranes in tunnels & landfills. This segment is expected to register a robust growth rate of over 8% during the forecast period.
  • North America will maintain a significant lead in the global waterproofing membranes market, capturing nearly quarter of total market share.
  • South Asia & Oceania and East Asia offer remunerative opportunities with impressive growth rates of over 9% respectively.
  • Liquid-applied membranes are expected to grow more than two fold through the end of forecast period.

“Expensive maintenance costs of low-grade waterproofing systems will push stakeholders to adopt advanced waterproofing membranes. The ease of installation and maintenance of waterproofing membranes will act as a driving factor during the forecast period. Owing to the versatility of its applications liquid-applied waterproofing will continue to generate revenue for market players. - Says the Fact.MR Analyst

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness Guide Future Demand

Infrastructure development in developing nations will generate continuous demand on the back of waterproofing needs from wastewater and water conservation systems in new structures. Repair related applications in developed regions is also expected to create significant demand for waterproofing membranes. Mining of metals such as gold, copper, nickel, salt, cobalt, and molybdenum present huge opportunities for waterproofing membrane market. High adaptability and performance under extreme conditions is the driving factor behind adoption from mining tunnels and landfills. Major market players are investing in product innovation to differentiate their product offerings in a highly competitive market. Price and availability of raw material are expected to act as restraints to an otherwise promising growth of the market.

Get Valuable Insights on Waterproofing Membrane Market

Fact.MR, in its new offering, presents an unbiased analysis of the waterproofing membranes market, presenting historical demand data (2014-2018) and forecast statistics for the period of 2019-2029. The study divulges essential insights on the waterproofing membrane market on the basis of applications (Liquid Applied Membrane (Cementitious, Bituminous, Polyurethane, Acrylic, and others) and Sheet Membrane (Bituminous, Polyvinyl Chloride, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, and others)), by end-use (roofing, walls, building structures, tunnel & landfills, and others) and across six major regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Oceania, and Middle East & Africa).

About the Chemicals & Materials Division at Fact.MR

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Waterproofing Membranes Market

Waterproofing Membranes Market

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Application of Waterproofing Membranes for Roofing to Capture Major Market Share in the Global Waterproofing Membranes Market