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Marine Fender Market

Marine Fenders Market to Gain Impetus from Advances in Pneumatic Fenders: Fact.MR

Published : 26 Nov 2020 Industry: Automotive

Expansion of seaborne trade is expected to create lucrative prospects for the expansion of marine fenders market, finds Fact MR in a new study. According to the report, the market is expected to gain significant impetus from the launch of pneumatic fenders. Pneumatic fenders have the ability of self-floating and offer lasting durability, which make them ideal for protecting ship hulls, especially during transfer of crude oil from one ship to another.

Marine fenders are typically used in ports and harbors to prevent ships, boats, and other vessels from colliding against each other or docks. They are commonly referred to as marine bumpers because they act as a cushion, designed to protect naval vessels in the event of collision with another vessel and while coming to rest in ports.

The report offers exhaustive overview of the market covering various growth drivers and restraints. Some of the key takeaways are discussed below.

Key Takeaways from the Marine Fenders Market Report:

  • The increasing use of marine vessels in navy and offshore wind power installations is expected to be a key driver of the marine fenders market
  • Manufacturers are working on patenting their technologies due to increasing sale of duplicate marine fenders
  • Renting pneumatic fenders has become increasingly popular within the industry due to their cost efficiency and better durability and also because they are used only when required, contrary to traditional fenders that are installed in a fixed order
  • Due to their high life expectancy, rubber fenders will continue to gain traction
  • Dockyards are likely to exhibit high demand for marine fenders especially since investment in the expansion of port terminals is rising

Research and Development Efforts to Boost Growth

Manufacturers are focusing on improving designs of fenders to increase their sustainability and lifecycle. Increasing globalization has resulted in rise in cargo transportation by sea, which is in turn contributing to the expansion of the market. Growth in trade and increasing investment in construction of new ports and harbors will encourage market players to focus on their research efforts.

Manufacturers are developing technologies to make fenders cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. Similarly, metal skinning energy absorbers are gaining traction due to their benefits over elastic fenders and because they help in reducing the unplanned downtime caused by traditional fenders. Research and development efforts are underway to increase the use of metal skinning mechanisms in marine fenders.

Asia Pacific holds major shares in the market due to abundant availability of natural rubber and increasing construction of ports in the region. Some of the key players in the marine fenders market are Bridgestone Corporation, Trelleborg Marine Systems, Fendercare Marine, Viking Fender, Urethane Products Corporation, J.C. MacElroy Company Inc., Lalizas Italia s.r.l. and Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

Valuable Insights into the Marine Fenders Market Report

The recent Fact.MR report produces a detailed analysis of the marine fenders market with an unbiased assessment for the forecast period of 2020-2030. In order to study the market in detail, it has been divided into several segments.

The market is divided on the basis of component into mounting structure, face pads and others. Based on the end use it is segmented into dockyards and ships. On the basis of fender, it is divided into rubber, foam, pneumatic, timber and others. Rubber fenders are further segregated into cell type, cone type, arch type, cylindrical type, d-fenders and others.

Based on the ownership, the market is segmented into public and private. The market is further divided based on the manufacturing process into molding, extrusion and others. Lastly, the market is segmented based on the region into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

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Marine Fender Market

Marine Fender Market

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