Jan 07, 2019

DINP Plasticizers Segment Sales to Gain Traction in the Vinyl Flooring Plasticizers Market

by Team Fact.MR

The emergence of the need for phthalate free plasticizers in the flooring industry across the globe will serve as the major growth driving factor for vinyl flooring plasticizers market. Fact.MR delivers key insights on the global vinyl flooring plasticizers market in its published report, titled “Global Vinyl Flooring Plasticizers Market: Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2018–2027”. In terms of revenue, the global vinyl flooring plasticizers market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 3.2% over the forecast period, owing to the numerous factors, about which Fact.MR offers thorough insights and forecasts in this report.

Stringent European regulations on the use of phthalate-free plasticizers have created a stir in the growth of the plasticizers industry. Plasticizers contribute more than 10% of the total vinyl flooring systems in order to provide improved durability and flexibility in these systems. Manufacturers and suppliers in the flooring industry are responding to the call for more environmentally responsible products for non-residential applications. While raw material suppliers focus on providing innovative environment-friendly plasticizers, manufacturers have capitalized on the new emerging technologies to develop products offering increased design flexibility, but reduced ecological impact. Major retailers are encouraging vendors to reformulate products toward less toxic and more sustainable profiles, ahead of government mandates. As United States and European markets for flooring products continues to expand, either through acquisition, current plant expansion, or with the construction of new facilities, numerous companies have increased their U.S. footprint in the last few years. All these factors are expected to uplift the growth of vinyl flooring plasticizers market in the forecast period.

This report assesses trends, driving the growth of each market segment on a global level and offers potential takeaways that prove substantially useful for other potential market entrants in the vinyl flooring plasticizers market.

The North America vinyl flooring plasticizers market include country-level analysis for the U.S. and Canada. The U.S vinyl flooring plasticizers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.8% over the forecast period wherein DINP-type plasticizers are predominant in the plasticizer-type segment. The Latin America vinyl flooring plasticizers include country-level analysis for Brazil, Mexico and Rest of Latin America. The Mexico vinyl flooring plasticizers market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.8% during the forecast period.

Europe vinyl flooring plasticizers include country-level analysis for Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Rest of Europe. Germany and United Kingdom account for a significant market share in the Europe vinyl flooring plasticizers.

The Asia Pacific vinyl flooring plasticizers includes country-level analysis for China, India, Japan, ASEAN and rest of Asia Pacific. The APAC vinyl flooring plasticizers represent the most lucrative geographic region wherein India and China represent substantial incremental opportunity over the forecast period.

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) vinyl flooring plasticizers include country-level analysis for GCC Countries, South Africa, Israel and Rest of MEA. Vinyl flooring plasticizers market in the GCC region is particularly driven by high growth in the construction industry. It is particularly driven by population’s wealth, as reflected from high GDP per capita and growing demand for floorings in the commercial sector.

In this report, we have discussed individual strategies followed by these companies in terms of enhancing their product portfolio, creating new marketing techniques, mergers and acquisitions. The ‘Competitive Landscape’ is included to provide audiences with a dashboard view and company share collectively.

Key players operating in the global market for vinyl flooring plasticizers market include BASF SE, UPC Group, ExxonMobil Corporation, LG Chem Ltd, Eastman Chemical Company, Evonik Industries AG, Aekyung Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Shandong Qilu Plasticizers Co., Ltd. and Shandong Hongxin Chemicals Co. Ltd.