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Specialty Papers Market to Witness Steady Demand amid Rising Environmental Concerns

Published : 01 Mar 2019 Industry: Chemical & Materials

Specialty papers market is set to witness an upward growth trend on the back of rising application in consumer goods and retail industries, particularly in packaging applications. With growth in e-commerce sector, importance of packaging has grown significantly wherein innovative packaging design is the prime strategy of manufacturers to stand out in the competition.

Specialty papers find applications in release & labels, décor papers, pharmaceutical leaflet papers, and flexible packaging papers. Europe presents a significant market for specialty papers owing to the presence of an established paper processing framework in the region.

Paper and pulp industry continues to face the scrutiny from environmentalists for concerns related to deforestation and carbon emission. Growing concerns to protect the environment and establish sustainability, awareness regarding the limited use of paper and increasing adoption of digital technology is likely to impact the sales of various specialty papers in the future. However, increasing efforts to introduce features such as recyclability and reuse in the specialty papers are likely to support their stabilizing sales.

A variety of specialty papers includes décor papers, packaging papers, printing papers, release liner paper and others. Thermal paper is a type of specialty paper that finds application across industry verticals.

Thermal Papers Market to Grow at 2.7% Growth in 2019, Retail Industry Remains Highest Consumer

Worldwide consumption of thermal paper surpassed 3.1 million tons in 2018 with retail industry accounting for nearly half of global sales. As a specialty paper variety, thermal papers are used in a range of applications such as receipts, labels, and tickets. The thermal papers market is likely to grow at nearly 2.7% in 2019.

The retail industry remains a prominent end user of thermal papers with the application highly concentrated in point of sale (POS) receipts. For billing information transfer, point of sale counters continue to rely on thermal paper technology, as long as dependency on point of sale commerce continues, thermal papers market will witness steady demand from industries that rely on billing receipt exchange.

According to the study, over 71% of thermal papers sales consolidated in the point of sales application in 2018. However, emerging trends such as increasing adoption of digital payment methods and penetration of e-commerce platform are likely to eat into the shares of thermal papers in the coming years.

End Users Emphasize on Optimum Thickness, 60-80 Microns Remain Preferred dimension

End users of thermal papers heavily emphasize on the thickness of thermal paper as optimal dimension can ensure durability and accommodate more paper per roll. Among different dimension categories from 60 to 90 microns, every 7 in 10 thermal papers used are of 60-80 micron thickness. Whereas the utilization of thermal papers with other thicknesses remains limited to distinct applications.

Technology-wise, demand for direct thermal printing technology remains higher than that of thermal transfer printing technology. Higher preference for direct thermal printing technology can be attributed to the convenient cost and ease of use. Thermal transfer technology also shares a considerable demand in application wherein a high level of product differentiation is needed.

The study finds that North America garners significant revenue of thermal papers market. While North America accounted for nearly one third of the global thermal papers market revenues, Europe and APEJ followed suit in demand while registering half the global consumption in 2018.

Growth of the thermal papers market is likely to remain under the influence of changing regulatory scenario regarding the use of bisphenols and associated environmental concerns. R&D activities are underway in developing bisphenol-free thermal papers to address growing concerns regarding the harmful effects of bisphenols.

Aforementioned insights are mentioned in Fact.MR’s thermal papers market report which tracks the thermal papers market performance for the period 2019-2027. According to the report, the thermal papers market is projected to grow at 2.7% CAGR through 2027.

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