Jun 27, 2018

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Pole Vault Equipment Sales Remain Resurgent in Direct to Customer Channel

by Team Fact.MR

The pole vault equipment market has been witnessing a considerable shift from conventional distribution channel towards direct to customer sales channel, given its benefit of building strong relationship between manufacturers and customers with respect to brand image. Moreover, direct to customer sales channel allows companies to gain customer data that can be used to enhance business development and build long term relationship with customers.

Apart from direct to consumer sales channel, sales of pole vault equipment through sports variety stores channel are likely to remain resurgent with significant volume flowing through this distribution network during the period of forecast, 2018-2028. According to Fact.MR, the pole vault equipment market is projected to expand at a meek pace during the period of assessment with sales of pole vault equipment largely concentrated in the developed countries.

Ascended from a purpose-driven technique such as overcoming castle walls or crossing irrigation ditches, pole vaulting has emerged as a tedious and at the same time a high tech sporting discipline at the Olympic level, which has initiated a positive, albeit slow, growth path since the past few years.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: United States to Reflect Increasing Demand for Pole Vault Equipment

The report on pole vault equipment market reveals that the developed nations are expected to portray increased volume of sales of pole vault equipment during the period of forecast. Demand for pole vault equipment in North America, particularly in the United States, continues to witness an upsurge with increasing number of athletes participating in the sport. The United States is one of the most successful nations vis-à-vis Olympic games having won about 21 gold medals and 49 in total. Various men and women athletes in the country have driven the popularity of the sport by representing the nation in national championships and Commonwealth games. This factor has favored the growth of pole vault equipment market in North America, making it a highly attractive market for pole vault equipment during the period of forecast.

Comparatively at a lower base apropos of market share, Europe also reflects significant inclination towards the sport and associated equipment which is likely to remain a key aspect driving growth of pole vault equipment market in the region. Moreover, according to European Union, sporting activities have significantly fuelled the economic status of the region, which is expected to pave potential growth pathways for pole vault equipment in Europe, particularly in Germany, Russia and France.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Increasing Demand for Landing Equipment

The pole vault equipment market has largely been influenced with the increasing demand for landing equipment. Sales of landing pole vault equipment has largely contributed to the overall growth of the pole vault equipment market with growing preference for vault pits and platforms. That said, manufacturers are striving to develop novel vault pits, such as the inflatable vault pits to facilitate enhanced landing systems along with vaulter’s experience.

Pole Vault Equipment Market: Improved Bending Stiffness of Vaulting Poles

World record height achieved in pole vaulting can be associated with the change in material used in developing vaulting poles. The manufacturers of pole vault equipment are focusing on developing poles made of GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composites. Being lighter in weight, GFRP poles provide a faster run-up that leads to a greater take off as a large amount of kinetic energy gets converted into potential energy. Moreover, as compared to bamboo, GFRP poles reflect higher failure stress due to which an increase in bending angle becomes possible without pole breakage. In addition, manufacturers of pole vault equipment are also carbon fiber reinforced composites that allows further reduction in weight with enhanced strength. This factor is expected to auger well for the growth of the global pole vault equipment market during the assessment period.