Mar 01, 2019

Ambulance Services Market Witnessing Increasing Proliferation of Technology, Finds Fact.MR

by Team Fact.MR

The ambulance services market is likely to grow at a steady pace, on account of a combination of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors. Growing investments in healthcare services, and increasing awareness on the role of ambulance services in potential life-saving during accidents are among the key factors driving growth of ambulance services market. In addition to this, demand for ambulance services is also likely to witness an increase on account of the growing geriatric population. Many countries around the globe are focusing on increasing their healthcare investments as the population of geriatrics has increased in the last two decades. These factors are likely to drive the ambulance services market over the course of the forecast period. 

The research study on ambulance services market also offers critical insights on the tech adoptions made by key players in this field. As the demand for critical processes in ambulances has increased, the players are focusing on technological integrations to be in sync with end-user demand. Many ambulances that were earlier equipped with basic life support (BLS) are now being equipped with advanced life support (ALS). 

The growth of the ambulance services market has also been driven by the emergence of various developing countries as hubs for medical tourism. According to the study, the advances in healthcare technology and high cost of treatment in the US and Europe have led developing countries in Asia Pacific to position themselves as centers of medical tourism. These macro trends have also rubbed off on the demand for ambulance services in the region. Further, stakeholders in the ambulance services market are also focusing on adopting innovative features to stand out from the competitors.

Focus on Efficiency at Low Cost Driving Two-Wheeler Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Vehicle Sales 

According to Fact.MR’s study, emerging countries are also witnessing growing sales of two-wheeler emergency medical services (EMS) vehicle sales. The unorganized traffic system in emerging countries, combined with strains on healthcare budgets has led to growth of two-wheeler emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles market a feasible solution. Although these two-wheeler emergency medical systems are at a nascent stage, their adoption is likely to grow at a healthy rate in the future. 

In addition to two-wheeler emergency medical services (EMS), another key trend in the ambulance services market is the growing focus towards driverless vehicles. Although the technology is still at a nascent stage, the use of driverless ambulances can herald a new era in this field.

According to the study, the demand for ambulance services market is also likely to grow on account of rising cases of chronic diseases. The cardiovascular diseases have been growing at a brisk rate in various parts of the globe. Further, the deployment of EMS vehicles in attending to these cases has been gaining ground at a brisk pace. Many countries are spending big on ambulance services to have a holistic service in place, which is likely to further spur investments in ambulance services. 

According to the Fact.MR study, emergency medical services market will grow at a steady pace in the next decade, and technological innovation, along with low cost of vehicles will provide the much-needed impetus for the growth of the market,