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Electricity-Powered Equipment Gaining Ground in Lawn Mower Market

Published : 01 Mar 2019 Industry: Industrial Goods

Lawn mower market has witnessed a steady growth in the past decade and the future outlook is expected to remain optimistic. As urban citizens give importance to the green patches in cities, demand for equipment required in the maintenance of these area has grown significantly.

Landscaping services are also sought after owing to the rising importance of green areas in aesthetic appearance of modern residential and commercial infrastructure. As mowing equipment play a significant role in lawn maintenance, lawn mowers are being highly used in lawn maintenance activities. Beautification of the backyard has become a significant trend in the developed regions where lawn mowers are used prominently.

While traditional hand-held lawn mowers are still in use, gasoline and electricity powered lawn mowers are also utilized for their operational convenience and enhanced functioning. A range of technological advances have been incorporated in the modern lawn mower design wherein electric powered and robotic-assisted lown mowers are trending in the electric lawn mowers market.

As gasoline powered lawn mowers have been observed to cause greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As EPA has set standards for lawn equipment emission, there has been the introduction of green lawn mowers with lower emissions levels. However, noise pollution and the risk of developing hearing loss continue to challenge sales of gasoline powered lawn mowers. This trend has raised the demand for greener and battery-powered electric lawn mowers that produce lower noise and no greenhouse gases.

Demand for electric lawn mowers is projected to hit sales of 10 million units in 2019. With the rising consciousness towards environment, battery-powered electric equipment are being highly sought after in the lawn management equipment landscape.

Despite the subdued demand of electric lawn mowers in the past on the back of low battery power and insufficient mowing capacity, led by effective product development, electric lawn mowers are gaining ground. Further, introduction of efficient electric lawn mowers with superior longevity and precision as compared to gasoline-powered lawn mowers has increased sales of electric lawn mowers.

Electric Lawn Mowers with 500-1800W Capacity Spearheads Sales Volume, Up to 500W Models’ Popularity Rising

Among the different power ranges of electric lawn mowers available, demand for 500-1800W electric lawn mowers is projected to remain higher in terms of value and volume. Further, ‘up to 500W’ capacity is also witnessing rising demand in the electric lawn mowers.

Robotics technology is being embraced by lawn mower end users, although the higher cost continues to impede the adoption rates and sales remain confined to limited end-user base. As manufacturers are introducing cost-effective models of robotic electric lawn mowers, their sales are set to rise in the coming years.

7 in 10 Electric Lawn Mowers Sold through Conventional Retail Stores in 2018

The study finds that end users prefer retail stores to purchase electric lawn mowers. According to the study, 7 in 10 electric lawn mowers were sold through conventional retail stores in 2018. Volume sales growth through online sales channel is expected to outnumber that of retail stores, however, s conventional retail store will remain lucrative revenue stream in the future.

Sales of electric lawn mower remain consolidated in residential applications as compared to the commercial sector on the back of persistent demand for gasoline powered lawn mowers for large lawn mowing in commercial spaces. Residential application accounted for 8 in 10 electric lawn mowers sold in 2018, as per the study.

North America remains the largest market for electric lawn mowers wherein the United States continues to spearhead the demand on the back of a prominent ongoing electrification trend to mitigate emission issues.

Further, the study reveals that the lawn mower market remains moderately consolidated wherein the market share of industry titans is challenged by steadily establishing global and regional lawn mower manufacturers.

Fact.MR has published a report on electric lawn mower market which studied the market performance for the forecast period of 2018-2028. According to the report, the lawn mower market will grow at 6.6% CAGR through 2028.

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